About us

Soulshop is determined to change the way we shop for good.

We love brands that give back but wanted to create something bigger, something more meaningful—a place to make long-term contributions to causes you care about, every time you shop—for yourself, your friends, or your family.

We’re building a platform where you can create multiple shops to track the items on your wishlist—for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and babies. Add items from any online retailer with the click of a button or browse our specialty collections for inspiration. You’ll earn money for your chosen nonprofit with every item purchased from your shop. Soulshop can help you set a giving goal and suggest simple ways to reach it.

We’re working really hard behind the scenes to make this world of giving a reality, but you can start doing good with your shopping dollars now. We’ve launched with several curated collections of items we love and we’ll donate a percentage of every purchase to a featured nonprofit. Keep checking back for new collections and causes you can support, as well as more personalized features and opportunities to support your favorite causes as Soulshop grows. We believe that getting is great, and giving is better. Are you with us?

Founder story

We first met during grad school at SCAD, where we launched our first nonprofit venture, PlayUP. Our mission was to change perceptions and behaviors by engaging local audiences in shared creative endeavors.

We’ve always shared a unifying moral compass: design to create a positive impact on the world. Soulshop started as a notion for a universal wishlist, but the idea didn’t feel complete until we designed a way for it to give back.